About Me

I suffered from chronic back aches for years due to my job operating machines. I can’t explain how much the machines I have worked in had affected my joints and mostly, my back. As the years past, I realized the impact was extremely devastating and I got to the point where I could not sleep properly due to the pain.

Fast forward 3 years ago, I received my first massage chair as a much needed gift from my wife. I have never looked back since. Massage chairs are a good way to help ease the strain in your muscles and the pain in your back. Right from the convenience of your very own home.

I started this blog because I remember researching on massage chairs and realized that there were so many choices out there. In this blog, I plan to provide in depth reviews of the best brands and models available on the market.

Obviously, I know that massage chairs are quite costly. This is all the more why you need to do thorough research before you make your decision. You’d definitely want one that can last through the years and give you your money’s worth.