Benefits of Back Massagers

Alleviates back pain

If you suffer from chronic back pain then it might be a good idea to get a back massage using a good quality massage chair. You see, massage chairs come with specialised nodes that target specific areas of your back, providing healing on a comprehensive scale. And these nodes come in different sizes to suit your specific healing requirements.

Also, scientific studies have shown that receiving massage therapy, whether through regular relaxation massages or through more specialized structural massage, is highly beneficial to relieving back pain.

And it doesn’t have to be that often either. In fact, studies show that just one hour of receiving a massage once a week is enough to provide long term relief from back pain.

Reduces Stress

Ever wondered why you feel so light, joyful and stress free after a massage? Well, as it turns out getting a back massage can reduce stress levels substantially, mainly because massage brings down the cortisol levels caused by stress, making way for relaxation and major pain relief.

Promotes Good Posture

Often, when feeling pain on one part of the body or on a specific muscle group, we tend to try and alleviate that pain by transferring our body weight to another muscle group. Take, for example when you’re feeling pain in one foot you’re most likely to transfer your body weight to the other foot when you’re walking, which then brings strain to that foot.

In the same vein, feeling back pain can lead to an imbalanced posture due to transferring your weight onto neighbouring muscle groups. Luckily, back masssagers work really well when it comes to restoring balance and good posture, as they loosen up the back muscles to provide significant targeted relief.

Leads To Better Circulation

Efficient blood circulation is important to maintaining good health, and any constriction of this circulation compromises your cells’ ability to absorb important nutrients and oxygen, leading to poor health.

Getting a massage improves blood flow by relaxing the muscles, which subsequently strengthens the immune system. That’s probably why getting a massage gives rise to feelings of general well-being and vitality.

Receiving Targeted Relief From Pain

Massage chairs target specific areas of the body using the various components of the chair. For example, every massage chair comes with adjustable nodes and rollers which target those particular nooks and crannies of the body that need special attention, bringing significant relief.

Massage chairs also come with the added benefit of adjustability. Using the control pad, you can adjust the position of your chair and it’s nodes, bringing you into an even better position to achieve targeted relief.

Promotes Spinal Alignment and Reduced Nerve Pressure

By placing your back in a horizontal position through a massage chair, pent-up pressure from the spine becomes released. A relaxed spine then frees the major nerves which run along the vertebrae, allowing for ease of movement and relaxation. This also plays a role in stress relief.

Helps to Release Endorphins

According to some scientific studies, massage stimulates endorphin release. Now what are endorphins? you might ask. Your nervous system secretes endorphins which play a huge role in how you perceive pain and may even reduce the effects of it on the body.

These endorphins are what make you feel upbeat and energised, and they’ve been shown to lead to improved immune response as well. No wonder back massage chairs are getting so popular, who wouldn’t want to feel blissful and buoyant on the regular?

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