How Often Should I Get A Massage?

Getting a massage can do wonders for your body as well as your mind. Taking a day during a week to treat yourself to a massage can have a positive impact on your entire well-being, and that is why professional athletes never miss a chance to treat their body with a relaxing and soothing massage.

However, since most of us aren’t professional athletes, models, or celebrities, we can’t always get a massage when we need it due to our schedules and financial status. Because of that, there are some things you will need to take into consideration before you call up first massage ad you stumble upon. After all, it is your body and your health on the line. You wouldn’t go to see a doctor without credentials and license to treat you, why would you get a massage from a inexperienced and unlicensed therapist?

Today, we will talk about the benefits of getting a massage and how often should you get one if you wish to feel and see results.

Massage Benefits

Getting a massage is one of the best ways to relax and relieve your body from accumulated stress. Since we live in a hectic world where everyday tasks can take a toll on your body as well as your mind, it is important to treat yourself with a soothing and relaxing massage.

Relaxation is not the only benefit, neither as well the most important one. Getting a massage can increase your circulation, relieve the pain in your muscles as well as lower the stress and anxiety you might be feeling. If you are working on a physically demanding job, your muscles are probably tense, and that can lead to more health problems. Regular massages can relax your muscles and prevent future injuries.

Getting a massage can help you with:

  • Effects of stress on your body
  • High blood pressure
  • Faster recovery from injuries
  • Chronic pain
  • Optimize your athletic performance

Now that you know the most important benefits a massage has to offer let’s talk about the importance of treating yourself with a massage from time to time.

Why Do You Need A Massage?

As we have already said, treating your body with a massage leads to numerous health benefits. Since this type of treatment has been around for centuries, there is a type of massage for almost any kind of problem your body might experience. Today, you can find thousands of certified and licensed massage therapists which mean that you can easily get referrals and choose the one that you deem the best.


You don’t have to have any kind of health problem to schedule a massage. After all, most of the athletes are in perfect health, and they still have regular massage sessions frequently. With that being said, you probably wonder why would you spend your hard-earned money on a massage if you are healthy. Well, massage is proven to calm the central nervous system, it can elongate tight muscles, boost your immunity system, and get rid of the toxins accumulated in your muscle tissue.

Pain / Recovery

Chronic pain can have a huge impact on the quality of your life and your work performance. Stressed muscles are often the main cause when it comes to chronic pain. It is recommendable to schedule a massage every time you feel the pain is returning.

If you are recovering from an injury or surgery, getting a massage is probably the best thing you can do for your body. Getting a massage will minimize the need for painkillers and reduce the pain, speed up the healing process by improving your circulation and oxygen flow, and it will break up scar tissue caused by surgery or injury.

However, if your surgery or injury is still somewhat ‘fresh,’ you should first contact your doctor and see what he/she has to say about visiting a therapist. Massage is not a magic medicine that can make everything okay and you need to keep that in mind. Massage isn’t always the best option for some injuries or post-surgery rehabilitation, and that is why it is important to consult with your doctor first.

Improving Your Athletic Abilities

If you are actively training and playing any kind of sport than you probably already know the importance and benefits a massage has to offer to you. Frequent massages can greatly reduce the risk of future injuries and enhance your performance as well. Why do you think most professional sports teams have their own massage therapist on the staff? However, we understand that most of you aren’t professional athletes and that some of you don’t have the same luxury an NBA or NFL stars have, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting a massage from time to time.

How Big Is Your Budget?

Now comes the probably the part most of you have been waiting, a part where you hope you will find out how much you will have to pay for a massage. However, we won’t talk about the exact amounts because every massage therapist has different rates and every spa or wellness also have their rates and subscriptions.

Despite that, you should take some time and look ads and reviews for at least 30 massage therapists. You should find yourself a therapist that suits your budget the most. Don’t spend your entire savings on a couple of treatments just because that certain therapist is ‘the best’ there is. Find yourself a therapist with great feedback that fits in your spending plan. Oh, and last but not least, don’t pick a therapist just because he is cheap. He might be cheap for a reason. Especially if that therapist doesn’t have any feedback or reviews.

So, How Often Should You Treat Yourself To A Massage?

Going once or twice during a year on a massage won’t do you much good. If you wish to see some results, you should schedule a massage at least once during a month or twice if you are feeling too stressed. This way your body will stay in great condition, and regular massage therapies will significantly decrease the chances of injuries. So, remember, treat your body with a massage at least once every month.

To Summarize:
Now that you know about the benefits and importance of massaging, there are no more excuses to why you shouldn’t treat yourself to a massage. Just make sure that you hire a licensed and experienced therapist and make sure that you know what your body needs.

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