massage why you need one

Why You Need Massage

Massages aren’t only for the purpose of luxury and relaxation. As you probably already know, there are various health benefits that massage can provide. In this article, I’ll highlight some main benefits of why you need and should get massages regularly to benefit your health.

To Relieve Stress

Most of us lead very stressful lives, no matter what our profession or occupation. Getting a massage is a great way of relieving that stress, because it reduces the amount of cortisol that gets released in the body, and cortisol is basically the hormone that gets released when you’re stressed. So massage is a great stress reliever.

To Reduce Muscle Strain

If you live an active lifestyle, then you probably challenge your body a lot, placing strain on your muscles. Massage is a great way of reducing exercise induced pain in the muscles, protecting you from injury and allowing you to enjoy your active pursuits worry-free.

To Relieve Headaches

A major cause of headaches is poor blood flow to the brain, which is often the result of stress and pent-up pressure on the neck muscles. A good massage will help to reduce the neck tension, promoting good circulation of oxygen to the brain which ultimately relieves the headache.

If You’re Sleep Deprived

Sometimes you can get so overworked that you become unable to fall asleep no matter how tired you are. A massage is a great way of relaxing your body into sleep, especially when you’re feeling tired and wired at the same time.

To Relieve Pain

It’s not uncommon to feel pain in certain parts of the body, and sometimes for no good reason at all, but it’s usually a sign of an imbalance in the body. Getting a massage activates certain parts of the brain that are associated with pain relief, and it puts pressure directly on the spot where you feel pain the most so it’s a simple and quick way to relieve pertinent pain.

It’ll Boost Your Immune System

Studies show that getting a regular massage will help you to maintain a healthy immune system. Thanks to improved blood circulation and nutrient distribution caused by tension relief and relaxation effect of massage.

To Improve Your Mood

Getting a massage is an ideal way to ward off foul moods and negativity. Why? Because studies show that massage leads to increased secretion of certain ‘happy hormones’ such as serotonin and dopamine, leaving you feeling light on your feet and utterly blissed-out.

Relieves Morning Stiffness

Sometimes waking up on the wrong side of the bed can lead to muscle soreness and the ‘stiffs’, an uncomfortable sensation of stiffness on the muscles. The stiffs generally affect the neck and back areas and it’s a result of poor circulation caused by poor sleeping habits (i.e. sleeping in the wrong position).
A simple neck massage will immediately improve blood circulation and loosen your muscles to relieve the pain caused by stiffness.

Makes You More Flexible

When you receive a massage, your muscles become so relaxed and comfortable that your body becomes more flexible as a result. And getting frequent massages improves this flexibility over time as well.

All in all, there are many benefits to be enjoyed from massage. After personally experiencing the effects that massage had on me (especially for my back problems), it’s safe to say I will always recommend it and talk about its benefits.

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